What We Don’t Do

The Office of the Auditor General of Canada (OAG) is unable to respond to inquiries which do not relate to its mandate and role.

We do not provide services directly to the public, nor do we request any form of payment. Only our official website and social media channels contain information endorsed by the OAG.

We respond to questions about our mandate, the audits we conduct, and our activities.

We do not respond to inquiries related to these topics. For example, the OAG does not:

  • intervene in disputes between private citizens, between private citizens and government departments, or between private citizens and businesses or banks;
  • review legal decisions, provide legal opinions, or audit matters that are before the courts;
  • audit areas under the exclusive jurisdiction of Indigenous, provincial, or municipal governments;
  • audit policy decisions, which are the prerogative of Parliament and elected officials;
  • examine judges, lawyers, or laws;
  • audit bands, or band councils, or determine or adjust Indigenous contribution amounts; or
  • provide forms, reports or other publications, or other information about federal entities other than what is contained in OAG audit reports.

Where to address other inquiries

For inquiries about… Please contact…

Government of Canada activities, policies, programs, services, and forms

Audits of provincial or municipal organizations or programs

  • Provincial or municipal Auditors General

Audits of Indigenous band or band councils

 Income tax, income tax fraud or evasion


Fraud in the federal public service

Other allegations of fraud, evasion or wrongdoing

  • Local police services